The real estate technology trends have spread all around the globe. AI and Big Data will be the ones which automate different segments of the real estate industry. We actively focus on technology-enabled properties investment such as Smart Logistics and Internet Data Center (IDC) to embrace new era in Hong Kong.


Our core competence is to source under-valued properties and we seek to add value through several aspects. We invest to acquire under-valued properties, build or redevelop, and operate to unleash the potential value and improve the land use. Having foreseen that an acceleration of adoption of real estate technology is facilitated globally, technology and innovation will be our aim of enhancing the invested properties under more efficient, sustainable and user-friendly operation.

JV & Partnership

We utilize our well-connected network to seek strategic partnership opportunities with operators and end users. Benefited from joint venture synergic partnership, we can customize the real estate solution for their specific requirements. We leverage our solid connection by partnering with a variety of expertise including smart logistics operations, market leading users and asset management professionals.